Grenoble, city in the mountains


 I am one of these people who loves mountains. So when given the opportunity to go visit my friends who were studying at the base of the great Alps in the city of Grenoble I exploded with excitement. 
The Streets are from a dream, a magic mix of old and new. This city holds buildings from every time period 
You can step out of a tight little side street of old classic French houses all built up high leaning on one another with as many balconies as the space would allowed then have to wait as silent, smooth plastic,  electric tram glides though the streets 
As my French is terrible I did't feel like interacting with the French but I did manage to get this simple candid shot on the modern tram
This is L'lsere one of two rivers that run though town. colourful buildings line both sides of the river
This is the other river in Grenoble, Drac.
Well an artiest idea of the river. With the copper serpent playing the role of L'lsere just out of frame
This me on the left, and my Fiancee is on the right
This dear little flower, broken free and ready to see the world.
or at least get some fresh air.

This summer see you favourite hitman 'BAD BASTIEN'  in his most difficult challenge yet.

He He He

This is one of a set of three stunning buildings in Grenoble which were the tallest residential buildings in Europe when they were completed. 
Giant geometric monoliths which can be seen from all over the city
There is a large graffiti scene here. And in some places stunning pieces that are true art 
On one of our trips out we hiked up to the Fort de la Bastille where you get to see two french record breaking facts of this city.
The first being that Grenoble is the flattest city in France even though it is surrouded by the alps and second that it has the longest straight road in france. which is called
 Cours de la Liberation et du General De Gaulle and Cours Jean-Jaures 

I found a large amount of very well dress people as I wondered around the city. The French have to look their best and it seems even this crow was quite a poser too.
(you may reconise him (or her) as my new logo)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love your photos George- such incredible saturation of colour- they are so clear, I feel like I could be looking out of a window! That lion close-up is thus rather scary!!!
    HOW appropriate that the crow landed- he's a sweetie. On our honeymoon in Switzerland, my husband and I went up the Jungfrau Joch mountain near Interlaken and right at the top there were a myriad crows all running around on the viewing platform and begging for food- I was amazed how high they were and what a lustre their feathers had!
    Anyway,nice to meet you on your own blog, it's been nice to meet you through Sarah's blog and now here!