Adventures in a Black and White Bath


People are always doing. Somewhere to be, someone else to be. I find the people are so engrossed in doing, that they neglect to see the small, black box pointing at them

 They can walk on all day and never look up to see the striking iron cast monuments placed rhythmically down their path; totems of bath's past elegance 

Or to look down and see the art in the doing. Even in the work of a grease gun, crudely lubricating a huge mechanical hinge.

 Creatures will always see you, for you see, they have no doing; they see the world for what it really is: A great source of tasty treats.

 Snap shot of bath fashion; Jackets open or closed is fine but the sleeves must be too long

 Bath shines in the night, powerful lights brings the city alive

Thanks for reading, Here is a tasty treat for you! 

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