Fogou of Halliggye


"Welcome to the Fogou of Halliggye. 
Please wipe your feet on the way in, not to upset the Cornish Brownies that live here." thats what our folk guide told us "You want to keep them on your side." 

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This is our guide, called MoonChild. We found her like this. Strange one. She didn't move for five minutes, the sun had put her in some sort of trance

She led me, my farther (the big one) and little brother (the small one, with a home-made mining helmet)  down an old path though the Cornish country side. Moonchild told us of great stories of times long ago and the problems the pixies have had trying to get WiFi

 Dark. Damp. Duck. These are the words I would use to describe it. We placed candles around to give a bit of light but it was still hard to see anything.

So the fogou is this series of underground tunnels. Which were build as larders MoonChild said, to store and preserve food, but that was a long time ago now and now its become a home of the brownies

We had a wonder round squeezing ourselves though some doorways that were far too small for any normal person. This one you needed to crawl on your hands and knees to get though

 But we managed to get out alive, the brownies must have liked us, and we were greeted by the wonderful sky line

Thanks for reading my blog. Until next time!

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