Godrevy beach


This time I Headed over to North Godrevy beach in Cornwall, hitching a lift with Sarah who was doing a photo-shoot for a family. I left for a photo walk, starting by working on a landscape of the crashing sea. seascapes are a problem area for me, this was the best of the bunch.
You may have noticed a slight improvement in my photos, as from now on I will be editing in Lightroom, a new program for me so I can learn to edit my own photos as I couldn't just let the camera take all the editing fun!

In my photography shapes and angles are really important, being able to find that spot that gives an idea of space and surroundings without being too busy. I was trying to do that here, but clearly failed.

Moving down the beach, portraits of surfers came the goal. I camped out below a group of say five surfers, the goal, to get a Abbey road surfer photo as they all walked down together to catch some waves man, but no, one by one they walked down giving me many chances to get this same shot.

Thanks All Folks!
Thanks for reading my blog, see you next time

"I don't think that's on"

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