Hello and welcome to the first post on my new blog, 'North Wind photography'. This blog is here to document the progression of my ability as a photographer. Why start this blog now? Well I've just bought my first decent camera all of my own- but I'll talk about that another day.

With my new camera in hand I just couldn't stay indoors, I needed to play with my new toy! So I headed out in the car to the 'Blue hills'* nr st.Agnes to get some sunset photographs as a starting point.

On the way I saw this view and had to stop to snap it. 

*Note the blue hills aren't blue at all, but in fact purple (when the heather is in bloom)

Neither me or Sarah were sure about getting to the valley (Even though she's been a hundred times before), and after getting a bit lost we made quick stop at Chapel Porth beach where there was this really nice blanket mist in the air that I couldn't quite capture on the camera.

Some surfers were winding down and enjoying the last of the light. I love shots like this, capturing the calm that they feel, the atmosphere with the sea that's timid one minute and ferocious the next slowly working its way back outward. 

Say Hello to Sarah, she is amazing and you should check out her better blog with her way better photos .

We then moved on and next stop was Wheal Coates to catch the heather and the sunset which never happened cause of the clouds. 

Clouds, so big, they have so much energy in them, you should look it up the facts sometimes.

At Wheal Coates  we watched as the sun was going down, I was in this great position to get a shot. 

When the light had gone, we went for Pizza and ate it looking over the beach near Sarah's home village before heading back to the Lizard.  
Thank you for reading my blog and see you next week!

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