Life in the Bearpit


Good Morning. 
Yes it might be a different time for you but you must understand I find it hard to believe you're real.

Photography days are such fun -no worries, no plans, just photos to find. 
I got out at 10am and looked to see what could be found at the Bath station plaza while I waited for a friend.

Over what ended up being two hours, I must have taken fifty different photos of these two sitting and reading on this bench. They didn't know each other but both were too engrossed in their books to notice me sneakily snapping. I played around with different angles and compositions but I found the symmetry of them that I loved. This was my favourite.

Later the Sun burst out, flooding Bath with these sharp, striking shadows. I love how this image pulls past the people, your eyes are just passing though, as they are 

At about midday I met up with a friend and we hopped over to bustling Bristol. We were walking down the arcade when I heard an unmissable sound- the calls of a preacher. As someone who finds it really hard to ask people for photos, having someone who wants to engage with you is really helpful. He had this amazing face which he wanted to be seen.

 This is 'the Bearpit' which is this very strange hippy collection point; a mix of art, freedom and food. One of Bristols iconic points of call. 

This MOIST man took stylish offence to my photography. 

Meet Julie, she loves to eat bins 

The graffiti of Bristol is a huge part of the city. Building's skin cracks with art as it matures and becomes a part of the people that inhabit it

This bus had broken down, I snuck behind and with my head in the engine for this one 

I love all the different processes that are happening on this wall; weathering, removal, overlay - overpainting. 

I can see a rough sleeper sitting in the cold here, hiding from the rain. Here is a message that someone has left as much to themselves as others, to boost their morale and help get though the tough moments. 

Thanks for reading.
What do you think about street art? Do you have any favourites? Leave a comment below!

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