How I make Freshly Ground Coffee at Home


Drinking fancy coffee is what I do, having money isn't. 

So while I do take a sneaky cup at say, Cascara in Bath, I create much of my leisure coffee at home

This is my grinder, passed from friend to friend. its cheap it works and I've even sharpened the blades to get a smoother finer grind.

My scales are the worst in the world, slow, inaccurate and likes to turn off when ever they feel like

But they do the job well enough for now.

These are the beans I used this week, TESCO coffee beans. As you can see the roast variance is wide, from before first crack to a full French roast.

Don't they look so happy, 

Here the grinder broke down, so these were really some pre-ground I put in, but that is just our secret 

Now it's important to measure all parts of the process, including the amount of water used.

For the moment I just use this IKEA moka pot.

This is the hardest part! years of experience is needed to master the craft of spooning ground coffee without getting it every where!

Today I used 18g, that is a piece of boring information.

Now before all the coffee people out there send me death letters, I do tamp (this means compress and flatten) my coffee but I'm not one for following the rules. 

The fun I find in coffee is though the rule breaking. The playing. The experiment of it all.

Now you heat it all up, and make the world a better place.

I like my women like I like my coffee. unburned.

New taste for today was Oatly milk, which is milk made from oats. I has a unique taste that worked well with coffee.

FUN FACT: if you heat up milk and then pump it in a French press you get nice foamy milk perfect for lattes and cappuccinos at home.

Now with the milk ready, lets go check on the coffee.

Now this was a little over done, but we live and we learn.

Hot and ready to serve.  

Got to use your widest cup. This one looks very fancy. It also belongs to Sarah.

First milk in starts to mix with the coffee, creating a smooth thick latte.

Latte art started well.

Second wave also smooth and centred.

Then when I when to close the heart I wrecked it, still a tasty drink!

Hey could you clean this up? that would be great.

Now, the drinking helps me to feel good, have energy and get on with the days tasks!

Seriously you need to clean this up.

and you could to the washing up while you're at it. 

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  1. I love this, George! You make it a beautiful art!!! I don't like coffee,but I'd try it with that much loving preparation! Sarah's mug is gorgeous! It's such a Sarah mug- beautiful turquoise seas encased in Clay!!!

  2. Hi George, your blog post seems to be a perfect representation of how not to brew coffee at home. I'm afraid your 'need for breaking the rules' seems a little illogical when the process, if executed to (and easily available!) primary brewing methods, truly is beautiful. I'm not telling you to not break the rules, by all means experiment, but do so once you have fully understood all the parameters in the art of brewing. You claim to know a lot about it and it is quite frankly disturbing that you should 'educate' when you, yourself are not educated in the field, and should do some more research so you can enjoy coffee to its full potential of which you claim to know so much of. It is a beautiful art which deserves respect, and I hope that you will take this positively because your enthusiasm when applied correctly will produce fantastic coffee!